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Welcome to PALAPA INDONESIA (registered in KEMENKUMHAM as PT. PALAPA WIJAYA PERKASA) | a Professional, Trusted, With Integrity, and Innovative Company.

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We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Our History

Palapa Indonesia was established on March of 2015. Palapa Indonesia, firstly, was hosted in some Indonesian Market Places, as Palapa Electronics (some mentioned Palapa Electronics Solution). We started selling some Electronics Part and also services. Some Projects held by Palapa Electronics Solution, such as “360 Video Booth”, Carcenta Apps, Smart Chair Apps, WSN for Smart Chair, and IoT Projects. We have been registered in Kemenkumham (Ministry of Indonesian Law and Human Rights), as PT. Palapa Wijaya Perkasa. Now, Palapa Indonesia work for Engineering Projects (Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Robotics, IoT), IT Services, Website Development and Mobile Apps. Moreover, Palapa Indonesia also sell Electronics Parts, Sensors, Controllers, and any daily needs. Furthermore, Palapa Indonesia also take service orders, such as Entrepreneurial Seminars, Programming Courses, etc.

Our Vision

Palapa Indonesia


Palapa Indonesia had vision to be a Company which are Professional, Trusted, Innovative, and with Integrity in 2025.

  1. Create a Professional Company which will undertake service to satisfy clients.
  2. Create a Trusted Company which will be a Trusted Partner for Clients.
  3. Create an Innovative Company which will be solution for Clients.
  4. Create a Company with Integrity which will be a Bonafide Company in the world.

We Are - Perfection

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